Client Testimonials 

"A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer." -- Robert Frost

"Recently I had the fortune to meet Dan, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. I had some issues with the unemployment office with a significant misunderstanding that led to my benefits being frozen. As it turns out, unemployment appeals are a relatively narrow niche of law, and many attorneys turned my case down, saying they weren't familiar with EDD appeals. Thankfully I was introduced to Dan via a connection within a networking group. After providing details of the situation, he was able to take me on as a client. From day one, Dan was extremely attentive and helped me through all stages of what was a very stressful situation. From the initial appeal filing to hearing preparation, Dan was able to provide insights into all phases of the process and what to expect. He also prepared legal briefs and found relevant court cases that supported my case. Long story short, with Dan's assistance, I was able to successfully appeal the decision of the unemployment office, saving me what would've been over $5,000 in penalties. Overall, I have no problem recommending Dan for unemployment and general employment legal issues for matters in California." C.C. (EDD appeal/ employment law)

"Daniel J. O’Connell is one of the good guys! I had the fortune of being introduced to him in the midst of legal proceedings which I was forced into by a loophole my current landlord had exposed. As a result this large scale property management organization in San Francisco was aggressively trying to evict me from my apartment of 14+ years. When we met, we discussed the current state of affairs and he let me know of the potential pitfalls and dangers of the situation I was in. It didn’t sound all that promising, but that was the reality of the my position. We worked together closely day by day to develop our position, and as the pieces came together Daniel knew what to do at every step. When the time was right he hit the opposing legal team head on, showing absolute resolve and strength in the case we had put together. At this point they backed off and settled with little to no gain which meant minimal loss on my side outside of some small legal fees. I recommend working with Dan, and hold him in the highest regard. He is an excellent Lawyer with an exceptional level of integrity who genuinely cares for the people he works with. It was an absolute pleasure and great fortune to work with Daniel J. O’Connell. Trevor M. (eviction defense)

"I was fortunate to be referred to Daniel O'Connell when my landlord began threatening eviction. He was very easy to work with and able to remedy what was a bad situation for us. If the need arises again for legal assistance Dan will be my first call; I would gladly work with him again." Justin Z. (landlord/tenant matter) 2016

"Dan is direct, personable and calm which will put any client at ease. He helped me understand the law regarding my situation and handled the negotiations. I'm very thankful that he took my case and settled it quickly. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat." M.C. (employment law)

"Dan is a straight forward lawyer who gets things done. I like that he is concise in his work and knows what questions to ask and how to get to the heart of the matter. He helped with two separate legal issues, one in the area of employment law and one in the area of real estate law, and in both situations, I found his advice to be on the mark.” C.H. (employment law / real estate)

"Daniel O'Connell is a wonderful lawyer AND good person. Please appreciate that amazing combination. Skill, expertise, and deep knowledge - in addition to a calm, incisive focus and very clear communication - he came highly recommended by another happy client, and I couldn't have been more impressed - and grateful. His specific, detailed knowledge and creative approach saved the day for me, too. He's also a generous and caring educator, freely sharing valuable knowledge on a variety of topics via blog posts on his website. Go take a look - you'll be glad you did." M.R. (landlord/tenant matter) 

"This was my first time hiring a lawyer so I didn't know what to expect. Daniel listened to my situation carefully so we could talk through all scenarios. He was patient and communicative, and provided a valuable realistic view that led to a great result in a short amount of time. Thank you Daniel!" S.O. (tenant buyout matter)

“During my time in CA, I had the need for legal representation and Dan was referred to me, quite highly, by two friends. I will be forever grateful for those referrals. Dan was professional, helpful, and provided expert assistance to me in resolving the matter expeditiously and to my benefit. I was so pleased with our partnership, that when the need arose to consult someone on a home leasing issue, it was Dan I turned to for advice. Once again, he was on point and a great help in advising me on how to proceed to ensure I was in compliance with CA rental law. Dan’s expertise is undeniable and I could not recommend him more highly to any potential client. He will always work to get you the best possible outcome and is a genuine and kind person.” E.I. (employment matter; landlord/tenant matter)

“I had an important contract I needed reviewed and revised. Daniel was incredibly helpful in getting me to understand what I could and couldn't change. When I gave him notes he implemented them into the new versions and I was supremely pleased with the contract I felt we had created. He has very fair rates and is always willing to take a call. Good guy.” J.B. (contract matter)

“Dan was a terrific help in our legal case, guiding us from start to finish in a highly professional manner. He was diligent in all his communications, had timely follow-ups and executed right according the plan he outlined in our first consultation. As an added bonus, Dan has a pleasant demeanor which made our experience much easier to get through without any added stress or anxiety.” – J.V.W. (landlord/tenant matter)

“Daniel helped us tremendously with our case involving tenant law. He’s extremely organized and makes everything very easy to understand. If needed, I will definitely hire him again.” - S.B. (landlord/tenant dispute taken to trial)

“Prior to enlisting Daniel’s legal services in 2010, and again in 2012, I had known him as a personal acquaintance since the late 1990’s, and had collaborated with him on my first book after that. In all the years I have known and worked with him on multiple levels, the first word that always comes to mind is, INTEGRITY. Rarely have I met anyone whose character, intentions, or ethics I would trust more. Daniel is a truly noble human being, a humanitarian at heart, and a professional to the core. In a world filled with dishonorable practitioners, I could not recommend Daniel more.” N.T. (landlord/tenant; real estate; other)

“Mr. O'Connell prepped me for a “small claims” dispute over a rather large amount of money owed to me. As I entered the courtroom, I felt as if I was ready for anything. Victory came, I am sure, because it was obvious that the defendant was nowhere near as prepped as I was for the task. I advise anyone to know what their legal options are, and without the superlative job that Dan O'Connell did for me - I may have not have prevailed. Don’t look like a fool in court, when there is so much at stake.”  J.M. (contract matter)

“When a legal problem threatened my small business, Mr. O’Connell handled the issue very effectively and made the problem go away after negotiating with the big law firm that was representing the other side. His fee was very reasonable. I’d highly recommend Dan O’Connell as a responsible attorney.” - S.P. (business matter)

“I was referred to Dan and had the opportunity to consult with him on a legal matter. I found his knowledge on the subject matter exceptionally deep and thorough and his passion for both his work and the client viewpoint to be extraordinary. Dan is a terrific attorney.” M.P. (legal consult)

“I contacted Dan O’Connell when my landlord refused to return my security deposit. Mr. O’Connell handled the problem very effectively and explained the law to me before negotiating with my landlord. I had money in my hand the next day.” -  A.M. (landlord/tenant matter)

“Dan O'Connell was incredibly helpful when he represented me in an unemployment insurance court case. Mr. O'Connell was not only professional and competent, but demonstrated a standard of commitment and dedication far beyond what is expected. I could not have won this case without the guidance and legal savvy of Mr. O'Connell.” - J.V. (employment law matter)

"Dan O’Connell helped me retrieve a large sum of money that an unscrupulous person persuaded me to loan him and then made no effort to pay me back. Dan has successfully begun the process of having this person pay me what he owes me and I have received the first substantial payment."
- J.H. (contract/elder abuse matter)

“I retained Daniel O'Connell to represent me for my unemployment appeal. My initial contact with him put me at great ease about my case.  He is very knowledgeable and was flexible with payment.  I felt comfortable right through my hearing, as Mr. O'Connell would always get back to me right away in regards to any question or concern.  Retaining Daniel's assistance in writing the appeal and presenting my testimony I feel was crucial to winning my appeal.  The judge also stated she was very impressed with his work.” - J.A. (employment law matter)

“Daniel O’Connell ...represented me for my unemployment insurance appeal. I would have owed a substantial amount of unemployment insurance, however with Mr. O’Connell’s professional and effective representation I am able to look forward to a debt free future. I am absolutely satisfied with the results!” - J.S. (employment law matter/ unemployment benefits over-payment issue)

“I am writing a recommendation of professional reference for Attorney at Law Daniel O'Connell. I recommend him highly for his professionalism, no nonsense legal sense and general balanced approach to law and clients. I have recommended him in the past and highly suggest if you have the opportunity to speak to him you will find a professional advocate for your legal needs.” R.H. (employment law matter)

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. This disclaimer made pursuant to California Rule of Professional Responsibility Rule 1-400.