Dan O’Connell helps individuals and small business owners navigate, and avoid, legal issues in order to protect their rights and assets in employment, landlord/tenant (residential and commercial), and other areas, including personal injury.  

Clients admire Dan’s clear legal counseling and high standards of professional responsibility, and his ability to successfully fight for their interests - even against opposing parties with large law firms on their side. Dan has a track record of success in litigation, negotiating settlements, and representing clients at dispositive hearings and at trials. Click here to read client testimonials.

A teacher for many years, Dan puts clients at ease by educating them throughout the process. From the initial consultation until the case is resolved, Dan will inform you of your legal options and risks at every step.

Dan is an adjunct law professor at the SUPINFO International University in San Francisco, where he teaches employment law, intellectual property law, and contract law. He has published three articles in California's premier legal newspaper, The Daily Journal, and been credited for comments in law review articles, including Affirmative Action After Grutter, Prof. Rhonda Magee, and Public Concern: A "Newsworthy" Exemption in Trade Secret Cases, Sahana Murhy, and others. Before practicing law, Dan taught Philosophy and Rhetoric at the university level, and he brings his keen analytical and writing skills to bear on his client's legal problem.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Mr. O'Connell held an attorney position at a  class action law firm representing workers against some of the largest corporations in California. Dan also worked as a Client Advocate at several public interest law firms, where he successfully represented clients in housing and employment matters.

Dan received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Golden Gate University School of Law, where he received three awards for academic excellence.

Dan earned a Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Iowa. His Bachelor’s degree is from the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Dan is an award-winning writer with many publishing credits, including fiction, poetry, and art criticism, and is active in San Francisco literary circles. 

Dan is a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. He is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, and formerly trained in Karate and was an assistant Karate instructor in college gym classes. He actively trains, teaches, coaches and competes in Taekwondo, and has earned Gold medals in Sparring and Forms competitions.


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Visit Dan's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danoconnellesq/ 

Daniel J. O'Connell is the attorney responsible for this website.